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Meet The Team

Cyntone Consulting is a consulting, coaching and mentoring business addressing the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. With our innovative solutions, we have helped businesses operate more efficiently and increase profitability and value. Cyntone Consulting makes businesses more profitable and valuable whilst assisting the business owner to take some more “Me” time. Cyntone consulting is one of Perth's premier Business Improvement specialist for small to medium business.

Tony Williamson

Founder & Managing Director

M: +61 401 341 313

F: +61 8 6315 6465

As an independently recognised mentor, seasoned entrepreneur, marketer and leader, Tony brings a softened logical mind, and compassion to all his work with extensive business exposure in the WA market place.

Tony has always been a positive, active businessman, unfailingly attending to client requirements whilst looking to develop and secure new business opportunities.  As a Business Professional, few can match his commitment and work ethic.

He brings a set of skills universal to success in providing leadership and training to all facets of business: a natural ability to listen and appreciate someone’s requirements to offer practical solutions in a consultative business to business setting. Tony has excellent communication, negotiation and analytical / comprehension skills.

His strength is his analytical thought process and commercial competence. Tony enjoys leading by example to assist organisations develop a position of strength in the market place. He achieves this through ensuring the development and implementation of strategies and objectives, whilst maintaining budgets and operating administrations.

Tony also enjoys the challenge of ensuring optimal customer service levels are maintained. Through the knowledge that he has gained through senior roles, Tony naturally focuses on quality with an ease of style that experience brings. 

Tony is a master at balancing the hard and the soft skills in life and business. He is passionate about helping clients balance the practical "doing" tasks of building and leading great businesses, and the subtle "being" skills of better managing time, stress and relationships challenges.  Call Cyntone Consulting, WA's premier Business Improvement specialists.

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