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Our Services

At Cyntone consulting, we offer a wide range of business services, we have a great mix of skills and experience to assist you in your business, as well as access to an extended network of people and resources. If we can't help you we will know someone who can.
Change Management

Tony brings 20+ years’ experience in change management.  Today, most organisations have a busy change agenda, and require proven and effective Change Management solutions, that align with their culture and program outcomes.


Our established approach has assisted us to deliver a cost efficient and sustainable change management outcome for our clients.


Our approach is designed around the Five Cornerstones of Change; Communication, Leadership & Stakeholder Management, Business Enthusiasm, Organisational Impact and Training.


Whilst these are the essential ingredients for delivering successful change, it is important the solution is tailored for your operations and importantly provides an easy to use approach for your team members.


This is where we are totally aligned to you organisation and are able to design and embed a “right size” approach for your business.

Business Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring are very similar, but indeed very different, coaching involves giving and providing specific instruction, mentoring on the other hand is almost the same as coaching, only that there is a long term relationship in the process, as the mentor gives the mentee democracy to choose what he or she thinks is best for him or her.

In mentorship, the mentor educates the mentee by giving evidences on what should be done, and what should possibly not be done, while at the same time giving explanations of life experiences.

Cyntone Consulting combines the two forms of training to give you excellent results with your business, and also help you attain whatever goals you have with your business. 

Being in the business world, Cyntone consulting will help you realize the goals you have for your business, and coach you on how to get to your goals.

Business Improvement

In the past year, have you seen any change in your business financially or have you been be able to expand or grow your business.   Are your stock levels the same or even less than the same time last year, are you are struggling to settle your creditors and your debtors a slow at paying.


Why does it appear that your competitors are seeing a double digit growth? If your business is in such situation, then you may need help.


At Cyntone Consulting, it is our role to assist you in your business improvement, we are there to assist in all areas of operations including finance, marketing, strategic planning, HR, and expansion to name a few. We have the experience and tools that will help your business record a either grow or stabilize.

Dashboard Reporting 

A dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives; consolidated and arranged in single form so the information can be monitored at a glance.

Dashboard reporting is essential in business, it’s primary tool is to give you a visual summary of various business data.


Dashboarding highlights key changes in the business so they are instantly visible to key staff, enabling them to make the necessary changes with impressive speed.

Typical dashboards contain various pie and bar charts and a spreadsheet-type analysis. Other popular elements include maps and gauges. Dashboard design is not always straightforward and should encompass readability, interest, and relevant KPIs.

Some key characteristics of a dashboard designed by Cyntone Consulting; All of the visualisations fit on a single page, It shows the most important areas of the business and It is not designed exclusively for executives.


WA's leading Business Improvement Specialist.

Coaching & Mentoring 

Coaching is a process of imparting knowledge to an individual within a time frame leading to learning and development, so that performance and skills are enhanced.

Mentoring is a process of improving individual knowledge, efficiency and way of thinking and maximizing the individual’s potential.

How would your organisation benefit from having a coaching and mentoring program? Organisations all over the world are now adapting such programs either thorough internal programs or thorough engaging professional businesses to assist them.


These programs ensure that employees of the organisation build self-confidence and self-esteem together with personal development and learning.

Event Management

Well-organized and competent event management is key to the success of any event.

Cyntone Consulting’s first step is to get a thorough understanding of you, your values, your brief, your target audience and your objectives for the event. We become an extension to your team, immersing ourselves in your company culture – and working out what makes your audience tick.

We work with you to develop concepts within these parameters and throw in the inspirational ideas Cyntone Consulting is famous for. Ensuring we deliver the event that achieves the results you want.


Cyntone Consulting a leading independent supplier of parking consultancy services with 14 years experience in Local Government and 7 years managing Parking in and around Subiaco including Patersons (Subiaco) Oval.


We provide successful and cost effective solutions for on and off-street parking requirements within the private and public sectors.



Our parking consultants and partner traffic engineers are dedicated to providing well researched information that includes fresh ideas and modern technologies. We routinely help our clients realise their objectives


We carry out projects for local government on-street and off-street parking, hospital car parking solutions, shopping centre car parks and private and residential clients.

Business Improvement is a systematic approach to help an organisation optimise its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. 

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